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We have curated a small collection of local, mercado-available items and worked with artisans to refine their designs. Every item is handmade by an individual with a connection to the piece. Items aren't cookie-cutter or factory perfect and we don't think they should be. Everything is crafted the way the artisan has worked for years, the way they were taught by generations before them. Allow Clay to give you a small taste of strolling through a Southern Mexico Sunday market.


The artisans of Clay are all locals to Southern Mexico who create goods in their homes, on their own looms and sewing machines. The artisans' families benefit from producing products for Clay. When you purchase from Clay you are supporting both the artisans themselves and the organizations receiving the profits.

Our product pages will tell you more about the individual who crafted each item. 


     get to know organization no.01 that clay is donating one hundred percent of profits to